Cloudiway Release Notes May 2022

Release Notes | May 2022

Welcome to another Cloudiway Update! This month, we’re improving all the products, it may sound like a spring cleaning isn’t it?

Look out for new ways that help you make the most out of your migration project. We’re talking about Mail, File, Site, Group, and Teams migration.
Have a read below, 👇and find more details in this month’s Release Notes!

On our new Cloudiway Platform,

  • We implemented Get-List for the mapping table.
  • Improved our support chatbot,
  • Improved user interface showing license burned status and changes.
  • Improvements in job dispatcher for starting jobs quicker
  • Improved GalSync clearing history
Mail Migration Tool
  • Reduced wait time in pending status for Vault Migrations.
  • Enforcing the maximum constraint of 20 concurrent Vault jobs (Google Limitation).
  • Added missing PORT field when editing IMAP connector.
  • Now validating email fields during CSV imports.
  • Improved GetList for Google Rooms & Equipment when the transformation is domain transformation
File Migration Tool
  • Improved file audit process for huge drives.
  • Redesigned CSV specifications and file format for File, Site & Group users.
  • File migration performance enhancements when we have a large number of drives with a large number of folders.
  • Fixed export to CSV for File Archive users.
  • GDrive to OneDrive migration: Force breaking inheritance after removing all permissions of a child item.
Site & Group Migration Tool
  • Include Google Group topics in error in the error report.
  • Team Migration: making sure the subject of the message is always migrated.

If you haven’t already created your project and your connectors on our platform, wait no more! Contact us.

Stay tuned to get the most from Cloudiway 😉