Release Notes

Release Notes | November 2022

Our team has been hard at work improving the performance of our cloud migration tool, so we wanted to share some details about what we’ve done.
With the help of our customers, we’re working on making our platform even better.

UI UX Improvements

We’ve improved the user interface (UI) and experience (UX) of our migration tool by making it easier to navigate through the process. Here is the complete list of improvements:

  • A before migration message for consuming the Cloudiway license was implemented
  • Fixing the pagination for the Sites & Groups dashboard
  • The Statistics dashboard for New Google Sites has now been fixed
  • No empty filters have now been displayed on the User list page
  • The pagination and scrolling bar has now been fixed for the Files migration dashboard
  • Improving stop button usage and appearance in the wrong status
  • Statistics for Teams-to-Teams migration have been fixed
  • The placeholder for the title of the Domain name during the creation of a Google Vault connector in expert mode has now been fixed
  • Filtering by “Name” has now been fixed
Improved Mailbox Migration

We’ve made some improvements to our mailbox migration tool to make it easier to migrate mailboxes between tenants (GoogleOffice 365ZimbraLotus Notes, and more). This will help reduce the time required to complete the migration process.

  • Error messages for Source and Target Email columns in CSV files are now in place
  • Filters and sorters for the Mail dashboard now work correctly
  • Not able to perform a “delete selected group” while still working the pre-processing job in the distribution lists
Improved File Migration Performance

We’ve also improved the performance of our file migration tool by making it faster to move files between tenants (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox).

  • File statistics are now managing better the items in error state from Cache
  • Improved in general the File migration performance
  • Delta passes for the vault File archive is now working correctly
  • Error: “Failed to lookup file info of object with id 457138e2-3c23-4147-a6ab-ac3b3cf2efb9” during File migration has been fixed
  • The “OK” button in the pop-up window for adding to the Batch now appears correctly
Sites / Teams Improvement

We’re continuing to improve the performance of our site migration tool.

  • A new field “Fileignoreditems” was added to the Sites & Groups dashboard
  • Permissions migration from SharePoint to SharePoint now improved
  • In SharePoint target, we remove any spaces from the generated URL for Office 365 SharePoint
  • Migrating pages from New Google Sites to SharePoint has now been fixed
  • Improved in general, the Sites migration performance
  • Bug fix for Groups migration from Google Shared Drive to Office 365
  • Team migration-specific settings can now be saved correctly
  • Fixed a cast exception when migrating Google Sites to Microsoft Teams
  • Added column “ItemType” for Groups export team channel’s messages
  • Change target recipient option for Groups migration has now been fixed
  • Values for Group ChannelItems and Group TeamChannels are now consistent
  • Migrating an empty Google Shared drive to Office365 for Groups now has been fixed
  • Specific settings options for Groups are now the same as Global settings options
  • Separation of fatal errors export for Groups and Sites
  • For Sites “assign target” options, don’t include any more Google Connectors
  • Duplicate Management from Teams to Teams been fixed
  • Updating the location for New Google sites is now working properly
  • Fixed bug related to the creation and editing of New Google sites
  • Files and folders during migration Groups of Shared documents are now migrated correctly
  • Fix an issue for published URLs with domains containing 3 parts
  • SPO site provisioning no longer needs the pre-processing job, so the target to be provisioned from Slack to Teams
Enterprise Coexistence

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the performance of our cloud migrations tool, we’ve made some improvements to our enterprise coexistence solutions. These improvements will allow us to better support customers who need to keep their existing cloud infrastructures.

  • Pulling group filters now works even if the Office connector’s domain names contain print characters
  • Entering email addresses with uppercase letters doesn’t cause losing emails for Lotus Notes anymore
  • Filters on Data Discovery for GalSync now work correctly

We’ve also made some other improvements and bug fixes.

  • After the Token expired while a user is logged in, we changed the error message to be more accurate
  • Added in our Blob storage the store root and store manifest files
  • Creating a Gsuite expert mode connector doesn’t leave empty the certificate key field
  • Computation for Migrated or Error files with zTruncated process for File and Groups migration has now been fixed
  • Visiting the register page for our portal no longer redirects you to the login page
  • Fixed several issues with CSV exporting and importing jobs

Hope you find it helpful and thanks for reading!