Release Notes

Release Notes | October 2022

The release notes are meant to give you a clear and complete overview of the enhancements Cloudiway offers while keeping the interface and cloud migration process super simple.

We have improved all migration products and the performance in general.

Have a read below, 👇and find more details in this month’s Release Notes!

UI UX Improvements for Cloud Migration
  • The dashboard’s column “not started” for File migration now improved
  • Dashboard for Sites & Groups from now on also includes the “ignored files”
  • The reset button for the Global setting in Mail migration now appears
  • Google Sites and Groups: separation of their dashboards for better user experience
  • Table header for Mail List, File List, Site List, Group List, display improved
  • A new count-down icon for license expiration date has been implemented
  • Filtering by Batches now gives the expected results
  • Update the activity logs after every change in connectors settings
  • Exporting an empty Errors list from now on is not supported, and an alert message is revealed
  • Search by Batch Name or License in Mail, Site, File, or Group is now available
  • The “Export Error” option from the Group dashboard contains the correct data
  • Modifying O365 automatically created connector App ID and Client Secret fields are now been locked
Mail Migration Tool
  • Bug issue related to subfolder migration to Lotus notes has now been fixed
  • On the Archive list page all data now updating correctly
  • In archive migration for Mails a license filter has been added
  • Creating a new entry with valid data for mail archive migration is not arise anymore
  • Migrate Mails from Google now completes successfully without error message
File Migration With Cloudiway
  • Ability to migrate a subfolder with a given path and not only a folder name under the root
  • Changing the logic for File statistics improving the logs
  • In archive migration for Files a license filter has been added
  • When target is not Office, no wrong alert message arises
  • Added “tip guide” under Site URL field when editing user for assigning target for SharePoint, with the correct formatting
  • Improved File migration performance in general
Sites & MS Teams Migration
  • The bug issue related to the zTruncated folder has now been fixed
  • Now update batches using CSV file is implemented
  • Google Sites: Migration of non-classic Web part pages
  • SourceUrl data after exporting CSV for Groups is now in the correct column
  • Google target connectors are now available in Teams Drive for Groups
  • Implemented remediation logs for Google Shared drive migration for Sites migration
  • For Google Sites from now on, the domain name of the owner is been used instead of storing the domain name of the URL
  • Separate export errors report for Sites and Groups
  • Include Pages with migration errors in Site report
  • Ignored Files are now appearing in the Error/Ignored Report
  • Migrate to a subfolder option has now been added
Enterprise Coexistence
  • Clean-up of the database for deleted items
  • Throttling issue related to PowerShell calls for GALSync and resulted frozen jobs, has now been fixed
  • Added domain names into the Consumer key for FreeBusy

And several additional improvements & bug fixes

  • Global settings are now updating accordingly Specific settings after a related bug fixed
  • After importing data by CSV the Batch items can now be edited
  • Changed the limit for zTruncated files name from 260 to 400 characters
  • Bug related to vault migration when disks are not attached has been fixed
  • Mailboxes and archives can now on been migrated at the same time with Lotus Notes
  • Migrate calendar invitations with Lotus Notes error message has been fixed
  • Fixed Default folders in non-English languages which were not bound to defaults folders in Office 365 for Lotus Notes

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