Release Notes

Release Notes | September 2022

Here are some of the notable evolutions that we have added to the Cloudiway data migration tools over the past month👇

UI UX Improvements
  • Logs layout for user after remediation File.
  • Improvement file statistics layout.
  • Reviewing configuration of GSuite source connector, indicates the correct connector type.
  • Google Groups & Teams: files counted as Files and not as Pages in Dashboard statistics.
  • The “specific settings” icon is always displayed after changes in settings have been made. 
  • File and mail products: reduce logs for duplicate errors or alert messages.
  • Google Sites and Groups: separation of their dashboards for better user experience.
Mail Migration / Archives
  • Correction of the appearance of the Display Name for shared mailboxes after pre-processing action.
  • Vault for archives mails: “Get List” retrieves only the users with archive enabled and not all users.
  • Retrieve Display Name instead of “technical” Name for Shared mailboxes.
  • When uploading a resource, pop-up window appears for distribution list, and displays only the connectors that applies for distribution list. 
  • Source and target: 
    • Vault for archives mails: Target pool displays only available target pools, not source pools.
    • When migrating contacts for Lotus Notes, we can also insert the value NULL into the column ParentFolderId.
    • Migrate from SharePoint to SharePoint scenario. The permissions level migrates correctly.
File Migration Advancement
  • Duplicates management for copy option.
  • Vault for archives files pre-processing and data migration.
  • Target Email’s prefix name can be different than Target Group Name for teams target recipient type.
  • After Audit action for files product, the folder path displays correctly.
  • Audit action can initialize without error after updating admin permissions for source and target tenants.
  • Shorting User list by Name, show correct results.
Sites / Teams Progress
  • Google Sites: The scenario with many lookup fields has now been fixed.
  • Sites Dashboards: The column with batch name is not empty anymore.
  • Sites Dashboards: Filtering by batch displays correct results.
  • CSV import option for new Google Sites.
  • Google Sites: The issue with rewriting links under root, after data migration from/to a site has been fixed.
  • Google Sites: Migration of non-classic Web part pages.
Enterprise Coexistence
  • Modern Authentication implemented.
  • GALSync: Propagate Guest deletions has been corrected.
  • Lotus Notes: Object reference not set after migrating only archives and not the online mailbox.
  • GALSync: Wrong order in pagination for Job History.
  • FreeBusy: Groups display name can be different from Group Email’s Prefix in the pull User action.
  • GALSync: Filtering pulling Groups displays correct results even if Office connector names contain print characters.
And several other improvements & bug fixes
  • Specific source folder value for Dropbox product added.
  • Empty CSV file can no longer be exported.
  • Date filter for Files, Sites, Teams & Groups.
  • Google Vault: “Get List” changed conditions to cast Vault settings.
  • Admin Guides articles: Office 365 enable Basic Authentication section has been removed.
  • Admin Guides articles: Updated FreeBusy troubleshooting guide for connecting to Exchange Online.
  • Updated VAT in Zoho for customers that want to change on Novelty.
  • Copy and Paste action for Connector’s Domain name.
  • KB articles: new KB article on how to enable custom script for SharePoint sites.

Enhancement to Signature:

  • The “Stop” button is no more displaying as active when a not working job is selected.

We will be back soon with more updates. In the meantime, go ahead and try out these new features. 🤝 You can log in here!

Hope you find it helpful and thanks for reading!