APIs Documentation

The API gives you programmatic access to the Cloudiway service. Our API is based on REST principles making it easy for you to develop and test applications.

Foremost, you need to have a valid account on https://portal.cloudiway.com

The Swagger definition of our public APIs can be found here: https://api-production.cloudiway.com/index.html

HTTP verbs are used to access the resources – GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. All parameters in the request should be form-url encoded.

For each API call, the used url base is https://api-production.cloudiway.com/ap1

If the Cloudiway API can process the request, the API returns the corresponding data wrapped in JSON format, depending on the method invoked. If due to some reason Cloudiway API is unable to process the request, then it returns an appropriate error message.

We also provide a full PowerShell library with all standard operations. You’ll have access to samples for each product.

The goal of this documentation is to make it easier for you to start using our APIs and have a better overview of the process.

You will find below access to our documentation, PowerShell samples, and a zip file containing the:

  • Classes and Functions Folder: this folder contains all the classes and function definition
  • MainScript.ps1: this is the main script that you’ll be running and updating based on what you’re trying to achieve.


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