Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration

Fast and secure Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.

Cloudiway covers every aspect of mail migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

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Simply migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365 with a SaaS platform

Migrate your emails easily by using Cloudiway’s full set of powerful tools.

Built on Microsoft’s Azure framework, the Cloudiway platform offers secure and fast cloud-to-cloud data migration solutions.

The migration tool is ready to use with minimum configuration. We prevent data loss or duplication with our proven overtime technology.

Flexible setup options mean migrations can be performed all at once or in batches, depending on the nature of the email migration project, and depending on the mailbox sizes and numbers to be migrated.

All migrations are performed in real-time, so your data is only ever copied from Lotus Notes to Office 365 directly. Contact our team to get your mail migration started.

Lotus Notes to Office 365 or Gmail Migration

With more than 10 years of experience, our dedicated support team can assist you anytime during your migration. Enjoy our all in one solution with high performance: high speed, high security, and no data loss.

Interested in Lotus Notes to Gmail Migration?

Mail migration Lotus Notes To Office 365
  • Cost-effective data migration solution for all businesses
  • Delta-pass technology ensures complete mail migration
  • Real-time migration in the cloud — nothing to install
  • Automatic provisioning tools to simplify the process

What’s Migrated?

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Secondary Calendars
  • Folders
  • Archives
  • Delegations


Do more than migrate – collaborate

The coexistence suite provides seamless collaboration between G Suite and Office 365 or Exchange. Enable communication without interruption – vital for any merger or acquisition

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