Cloudiway Support: we’ve got you covered from start to finish

From the simplest questions to complex troubleshooting, Cloudiway Support Services respond to your needs.

  • Check the Help center with technical information
  • Basic Support is included with all migration licenses and only available during business hours.
  • Consulting Services, our consultant will follow your project from start to finish.
  • Premium Support is available upon request to support your migration out of business hours.

Cloudiway Support team ensures your satisfaction with the use of our solutions

Support - FreeWe include in all our licenses Free Support to fix any errors you may encounter on the platform.


Basic Support is only available during business hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm.

Please Note:

  • Support is only provided by mail, through our ticketing system
  • “How to” questions cannot be answered by our Support team
  • This basic support is only for potential technical problems of our platform during your migration

How to open a free support ticket.

Premium SupportFor more advanced expectations, users planning large migrations or using the platform for the first time, we encourage users to subscribe to our Consulting Services.

Data migration can be a complex task, this is why we assign one of our consultants to follow your project from start to finish. Learn more about our Consulting Services.


Basic SupportWe also offer Premium Support to cover issues out of business hours during evenings or weekends.

Premium Support must be ordered 48 hours before being effective.


To get a quotation and subscribe for Consulting Services or Premium Support, contact your sales representative or contact us.

Basic vs. Premium Support, fast response time when you need it!

Cloudiway Service Level Agreement (SLA) reinforces our commitment to getting your data migrated in the best conditions.

Support tickets are categorized according to a severity or business impact scale:

Severity level

Response time
Basic Support

Response time
Premium Support

Critical issues for all users
Platform services are down

1 hour

1 hour

The problem is persistent and
affects many users

8 business hours

1 hour

Low system performance or
issue affecting few users

Next business day

1 hour


Read more about SLA:

Q:“How does time count with free Basic Support?”
A: “Response time counts within the business hours of your region”

For example:
If you submit a Medium Case Ticket with Basic Support (8 business hours for a first response) at the end of the business day (e.g. 5.30 PM with business hours being 9 AM – 6 PM) then the 8 business hours time would finish at 4.30 PM of the following business day.

Our support team of migration experts escalates any Severity-HIGH issue immediately to our developers and keep you updated on progress.

Our high customer satisfaction standards ensure short response time with an effective answer to your request. We strive to provide best-in-class support services.

Want to learn more about our terms and conditions for the use of our services? Feel free to contact us.

How to submit a support ticket

1- Make sure you raise only one issue per ticket to ensure all issues are dealt with and not missed.

2- When submitting a Support ticket, you are requested to provide detailed information.
A proper identification of the issue will help us speed up response and resolution of your ticket.
Failure to provide this information upon request may result in delay of support assistance.

Connect to your account to submit a ticket

Learn more: How to open a ticket, Support rules.

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