Google Workspace Migration Tool

Google Workspace Migration

Cloudiway stands out as one of the fastest and most comprehensive tools on the market for consolidating and migrating to or from Google Workspace.

Scenario include:

  • OnPremises migration to Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration¬†

Migrating Google Workspace : Benefits of using Cloudiway

  • Versatility: Whether you’re migrating from Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sites, Google Groups or Microsoft 365, Cloudiway handles it all.
  • Cost-Efficient: Working on a tight budget? Cloudiway offers a reliable solution without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Data Cleaning: If you’re looking to declutter and only migrate essential data, Cloudiway assists you in cleaning up before making the move.
  • Complete Migration: Don’t leave any data behind. From emails to files, Google Sites, Google Groups, and even your Vault archives, Cloudiway ensures everything is transitioned.

Google Workspace migration: Key Features

  • End-to-End Data Migration: Cloudiway ensures that every bit of your data from Google Workspace finds its new home in Microsoft 365 or into the new Google Workspace tenant.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay updated with the migration’s progress through Cloudiway’s intuitive dashboard.
  • Security: With stringent security measures in place, your data remains safe and protected during the transition.
  • Efficiency: Cloudiway’s platform is optimized for quick and smooth migrations, minimizing business disruptions.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re looking to migrate select data or undergo a complete transition, Cloudiway’s platform is tailored to your specific needs.

Google Workspace migration: Functionalities

  • Discovery : Connect to your source tenant and discover everything you need to migrate: Users, Groups, Sites, Teams
  • Audit: Cloudiway’s audit feature offers a detailed overview, ensuring you know precisely what you’re working with. By gaining a clear picture of the data landscape, Cloudiway helps in identifying potential risks and challenges upfront, allowing for better preparation and contingency planning.
  • PreProcessing: The cloudiway preprocessing task allows you to automate pre-migration tasks such are recreating the teams, groups, drives, prior to migrate content to them.
  • Migration: Migrate your data by batch, run delta passes to migrate efficently the changes between 2 migration passes.
  • Monitor: Use the powerful Cloudiway dashboard to monitor your migration.

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