Slack Migration Tool

Slack Migration Tool

Migrate your Slack Channels to Google Spaces and Microsoft Teams .

Migrate your Direct Messages to Google Chat and Microsoft  chats (One-One Chat messsages).

Slack Migration Tool

Time to leave Slack and migrate to Microsoft Teams and Google Spaces.

Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration Tool

Migrate your Slack channels to Microsoft Teams.
Migrate your Slack direct messages to Microsoft Team chats.

SAAS Based solution

Secure, highly performant, nothing to install. No hidden costs compared to On-Premises solution.  Full scalability.

Slack to Google Chat Migration Tool

Migrate from Slack to Google Chat.
Migrate your Slack channels to Google Spaces.


Cloud inventory

Audit, create, rename, and discover your Teams and channels to migrate.

Cloud Migration tool

Manage and migrate all Teams, Group, and Microsoft SharePoint content.

Cloud migration conversion

Convert your Office 365 Groups to Teams

Cloud migration delta pass
Delta Passes

Run delta passes and migrate the way you want. (bigbang, staged, cutover scenarios.)

Migrate Private Messages 1
Migrate Private Messages

Migrate your Slack Direct Messages directly into your Microsoft Teams chats and Google Chats.

Cloud migration automation

Complete Rest API support for scripting your entire migration

cloud migration software permission

Map, migrate Permissions and membership.

cloud migration performance

Automatically handle throttling. Add connectors to maximize throughput.

  • Make your move to Google Workspace and migrate your Slack infrastructure to Google Chat.
  • Consolidate your collaborative stack.
  • Migration without downtime.
  • Migrate to Microsoft Teams
  • Migrate securely.
  • Preserve your metadata.
What is migrated
  • Migrate public and private channels
  • Migrate Files in channels with all associated metadata and permissions.
  • Migrate message and message Replies.
  • Migrate your Direct Messages.
  • Migrate Rich Text, Images, attachments,Emoji and Mentions.
  • Migrate Channel settings.
  • Migrate Membership (Members and Owners)