IMAP to Gmail migration

Simplify your email IMAP to Gmail migration process.

Trusted tools and an easy-to-use interface for swift and reliable migrations.

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IMAP migration
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Secure and fast IMAP to Gmail migration tool

IMAP email migration to Gmail is fast and simple with Cloudiway.

Start your email migration without complicated configuration. You can set batches, start dates, and specific migration options to suit your migration needs.

All mail data is copied directly to Gmail in real time, and as the Cloudiway platform is built on Azure, it’s secure and fast.

If your IMAP admin account isn’t able to get full access to all user mailboxes, Cloudiway offers a self-service mail migration option.

It works by sending each user an email, which will notify them that their mailbox is ready to be migrated, and let them begin the process themselves.

Reliable, speedy, and secure: Cloudiway drives successful migrations.

IMAP to Gmail
  • Cost-effective solution for all migration situations
  • Cloud-based email migration with nothing to install
  • Delta passes performed to ensure complete and accurate migrations
  • Optional self-service migration allows users to start their mailbox migration


  • Emails and folders structure migration
  • Migrate with an administrator account
  • Or migrate with users credentials (self-service)
  • Folders


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