Slack to Teams Migration

Many Businesses have worked with Slack before getting interested in Microsoft Teams. Adding Microsoft Teams into your collaboration strategy while migrating all your workspaces, channels, files and messages is now possible.

Cloudiway’s Slack migration solution helps businesses perform elaborate technical migrations through a simple SaaS interface. As a result, migrating from slack to teams requires no additional software installation or overhead, and migrations can be performed securely and quickly.

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Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration

Some people in your organization who resist change would prefer to stick with Slack, one of the first app to introduce a new way of collaborating through digital messaging in real-time.

If your team is already using Microsoft Office 365, they will benefit from a complete Microsoft ecosystem.

With years of experience and by working on many other migration solutions, our support team track and ensure to avoid any risk of losing your content during the migration. We’ve facilitated thousands of successful migrations varying in size and complexity.

A Complete Tool for Slack to Teams Migration

Cloudiway understood the need to offer a migration solution from Slack, a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform, to Teams in order to speed up the process of centralizing tools and achieving system homogeneity with Office 365 users.

Easy to use and with advanced features. You can transfer all Slack Channels (Public or Private), to Public or Private Team Channels. Supporting all versions of Slack, standard, plus, enterprise, and free.

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Benefit from the best of Microsoft collaboration tools. Cloudiway migrates all channels to teams, conversations, members, files. Unified user experience using Microsoft Teams in the Office 365 ecosystem and allowing better integration with the other Microsoft apps.

A trusted experience with a global reach

We are experts in Google and Microsoft migration. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer a wide range of migration approaches for businesses of all types and sizes, from local IT integrators to leading technology companies.

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slack to microsoft teams


  • Manage and migrate all Channels to Teams
  • Maximum throughput, working around throttling limitations using Microsoft and Slack API’s
  • Permissions and membership retention


  • Single and intuitive interface with high-fidelity data and architecture reconciliation
  • Auditing tools to get all existing Channels
  • Automatically creates Teams at the target

What is migrated?

Channels to teams:

  • Migrate public and private Slack channels
  • Membership is migrated (members, owners),
  • Private channels memberships
  • Possibility to rename the teams
  • Batch migration and delta passes: You can migrate the channels of your choice, at the time of your choice and run delta passes
  • Users & access are migrated
  • Files are migrated with all associated metadata

Conversation history:

  • Messages in Channels are migrated into an HTML file in the target
  • Replies in Channels
  • Metadata on messages are migrated

Note: Direct messages are not migrated.


Do more than migrate – collaborate

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