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Office 365 Migration Tool

Cloudiway emerges as a top-tier solution in the marketplace for consolidating and migrating to or from Office 365 (Microsoft 365).

Microsoft 365 migration Tools

Scenarios include:

  • On-Premises migration to Microsoft 365
    • You want to migrate Exchange On Premises (all versions) to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.
    • You need to migrate Lotus Notes On Premises (all versions) to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.
    • You want to migrate your Zimbra infrastructure (all versions) to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.
  • Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 migration. This includes
    • Mailboxes migration.
    • OneDrive Migration.
    • Microsoft Teams to Teams Migration.
    • SharePoint Sites (Site collections and Modern Sites) migration.

Migrating Microsoft 365: Benefits of using Cloudiway

Cloudiways offers several advantages when comes the need to select a all in one solution for migrating Microsoft 365 data:

  • Versatility: Whether you’re transitioning from SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, or even Google Workspace, Cloudiway has got you covered.
  • Cost-Efficient: On a tight budget? Cloudiway provides a trustworthy approach without straining your finances.
  • Data Cleaning: Aim to migrate only the essential? Cloudiway offers tools to help declutter and focus on crucial data during migration.
  • Complete Migration: Ensure no data gets left behind. From emails to files, SharePoint sites, Teams, and your archival data, Cloudiway guarantees a thorough transfer.

Microsoft 365 Migration: Key Features

  • End-to-End Data Migration: Cloudiway promises that every piece of your data from Microsoft 365 is seamlessly moved to its new environment, be it a different Microsoft 365 tenant or another cloud platform.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of your migration journey via Cloudiway’s user-friendly dashboard.
  • Security: Cloudiway adheres to strict security protocols, ensuring your data’s integrity and safety throughout the migration.
  • Efficiency: Engineered for swift and hassle-free migrations, Cloudiway ensures minimal interruption to business operations.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s a selective data migration or a full-fledged move, Cloudiway adapts to fit your unique requirements.


Microsoft 365 Migration: Functionalities

  • Discovery: Connect to your source tenant and pinpoint all elements up for migration: Users, Groups, SharePoint Sites, Teams, and more.
  • Audit: Cloudiway’s audit functionality presents a comprehensive snapshot, guaranteeing a clear understanding of your data assets. This clarity assists in spotting potential hurdles early on, enabling efficient planning and risk mitigation.
  • PreProcessing: Cloudiway’s preprocessing capability automates crucial pre-migration activities like re-establishing teams, groups, drives before actual content migration.
  • Migration: Segment your data migration, utilize delta passes for efficient transfers, and ensure no changes are missed between migration stages.
  • Monitor: Leverage the robust Cloudiway dashboard for real-time migration tracking and insights.

Office 365 migration Tool: What makes the Difference?

Several solutions exist on the market, all of them having strengths and weaknesses.
So essentially, why should you use Cloudiway?

  • Cost Effective price: Cloudiway Licenses are one of the cheapest price of the market.
  • A complete solution: Cloudiway Platform is one of the only one able to migrate all your type of data, quickly, efficiently and without loss.
  • No Hidden cost: Being a SAAS platform, there are no additional cost, no TCO, no data transfer cost, no cost for setting up the solution,  no need to purchase VMs and additional antivirus licenses.
  •  Seamless and complete Microsoft Teams  to Teams Migration
    • Very few vendors have complete solutions able to migrate an entire Teams infrastructure including public and private channels
    •  Almost none of them are able to migrate Private messages and private chats (one-one chat messages). Cloudiway does.
  • A team of experts. Being since 10 years in this area, Cloudiway’s dedicated support team is always ready to assist, ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly, ensuring your migration remains on track.

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