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ASPIRE WEALTH INVESTMENTS – Merge Office 365 Tenants

Aspire Wealth Investment : Merge Office 365 Tenants

Aspire Wealth Investment : Merge Office 365 Tenants

Founded by Portuguese born businessman and entrepreneur, Jose Da Costa, Aspire Wealth Investments has a single-minded goal driven philosophy – to offer accelerated business opportunities and to impart 30 years of experience in leadership, strategic and mentoring capacity. Offering a vast array of wealth investment opportunities in property development and other sectors, Aspire Wealth Investments also improve all facets of life through leadership, philosophy, mentoring, and passion. Inspiring individuals to achieve beyond their dreams and create a better quality of life has always been the company’s targeted focus.

The group is dedicated to creating a path for successful business aspirations, guiding young individuals to perform beyond expectations through transformational leadership and by instilling life-long learning.

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Merge Office 365 Tenants:

The initiation of the project to merge Office 365 tenants came from the need to optimize and reduce IT cost and resources. All external Office 365 source tenants needed to be merged into a consolidated, single Office 365 target tenant, allowing for group company collaboration, streamlined communications, resource sharing, remote anywhere access, modern online data repository libraries and additional enterprise feature sets found within the Microsoft cloud suite of Office 365 products. 

Merge Office 365 tenants  would prove to be a highly complex task if accomplished via means of manual engineering exercises. Aspire Wealth Investments was looking for a complete solution that would encompass automated managed migration services to move all business data with no loss or disruption while retaining services to all user personnel during such time.

Cloudiway managed migration licenses appeared to be the best match for the project. A great solution to take advantage of a powerful cloud migration tool and the expertise of professionals in the field to merge Office 365 tenants.

Achieving a smooth migration with security and performance, with little to no impact on end-users, combined with the need to migrate store by store, is a significant challenge.

Both teams worked together to establish long-term full interoperability between Office 365 tenants. Allowing teams to work on their Office 365 tenants until the final migration.

Merge Office 365 tenants challenge

Aspire Wealth Investments had several shops to migrate,each in a dedicated tenant. The gola was to migrate the mailboxes and archives, the user OneDrives,  the Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites, all that in a limited period. 

Aspire Wealth Investments had limited resources to perform this migration and required external expertise. For this reason they choose the Cloudiway managed migration. Cloudiway performed the migration and delivered the consolidated new tenant, ready for use with all data migrated to the new tenant.

Merge Office 365 Tenants Feedback:

Using the Cloudiway platform and services for the group company consolidation project into a single Microsoft Office 365 target tenant, has been a pleasure. Migrating from multiple external Office 365 tenants can be a very complex and challenging task without the correct knowledge, skillset experience or tools at hand. Microsoft does not offer support for this type of scenario directly, so the business personnel would need to rely upon 3rd party migration/integration tools to accomplish the necessary task.

The Cloudiway web application offers seamless migration, tailored to the business needs, with reporting modules, live migration statistics and error noting if any. This has allowed our business to catch up on time without having to run these migrations via a manual sort of approach, and in the same, retain all existing data without any subsequent loss at all into the target tenant portal.
Laurence Dos Ramos
Group Technology Lead Consultant Cloud Solutions Architecture


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