Case Study:

Quiksilver – Merge 2 office 365 tenants

Merge 2 office 365 tenants

Merge 2 office 365 tenants


Quiksilver is the world’s leading outdoor sports lifestyle company, designing, producing, and distributing a diversified mix of branded apparel, wintersports, and footwear.

The situation: Quiksilver, a multi-tenant environment. They decided to merge 2 office 365 tenants in order to simplify their administration.

Since 1969, Quiksilver has maintained its commitment to quality and performance and taken this message around the world. Born on the beach, Quiksilver’s core concept of fashion with function has now been embraced by all who enjoy active outdoor lifestyles. After a global expansion in Europe, the company’s goal was to optimize collaboration within the organization and revise the IT infrastructure. The company’s rapid development spread resources on different Office 365 tenants. With the growing number of users, the multi-tenant environment added complexity and higher costs to the management of the IT infrastructure.

The Goal: Merge 2 office 365 tenants

Migrate to a single tenant with no impact on users. 

To align IT and operational strategies, Quiksilver Inc needed a solution to merge 2 Office 365 tenants. Performance, data fidelity, ease of use, and minimal impact on day-to-day business were Quiksilver’s main requirements.

Merge 2 Office 365 tenants : Challenges and requirements

Volume, data fidelity, and no downtime

During the planning phase, Quiksilver Inc. realized that free tools would not be able to handle a seamless migration. The project timeline was short and technical resources were limited. The need for a complete toolset ready to use including email migration and mail routing was vital to keep the business running during the migration. That’s why they came accross the Cloudiway solution able to migrate the mailboxes and provide a transparent mail routing during the migration.

We determined that email migration was a complex and challenging process that required careful planning, execution, and validation. It was difficult to choose the right email migration tools that could handle our specific needs and challenges. One of the key challenges of email migration was mail routing (the process of directing email messages to the correct recipients).


Merge 2 Office 365 tenants: The result

Migrating with Cloudiway was the perfect match for Quiksilver Inc:
  • The online migration platform enabled administrators to connect
    and set a source and target environment in a few clicks
  • Built on Microsoft Azure and perfectly designed to connect with
    Office 365, the step-by-step process was simple and straightforward
  • Flexible, the configuration was made to match the requirements
  • During the pre-migration phase, Cloudiway provided useful advice
    to plan the best migration strategy
  • The seamless migration provided operational benefits and direct
    cost savings.

Cloudiway is a leading provider of cloud migration and coexistence solutions, that can help you with your email migration and mail routing needs. Cloudiway’s email migration solution can migrate all types of mailboxes, including user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, rooms, and equipment, from one system or platform to another, with minimal disruption and impact on the end users and the business operations. Cloudiway’s email migration solution also supports mail routing.

Cloudiway has been a perfect match for our Office 365 migration. We saved time and resources. The online platform delivered a smooth transition process to support our corporate and strategic goals.
IT Operations Manager for Quiksilver



The company: Quiksilver, Inc. Renamed Boardriders, Inc.

Industry: Clothing, apparel, footwear and accessories

Business situation
Merging into a new Office 365 tenant

Cloudiway solution
Office 365 to Office 365 Migration

Project overview

  • 600 users
  • 30 days – including project preparation


  • Complete toolset: email migration and mail routing
  • SaaS solution – no installation required
  • No downtime – with mail routing
  • Detailed reports

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