Box Migration Tool
File Migration

Box Migration

Migrate your Box files and Folders with ease.
Seamlessly migrate from Box into Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams


Migrate from Box to Google Drive

  • Migrate Box to Google Drive
  • Migrate Box to Google Shared Drive
  • Migrate Box to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate Box to OneDrive
  • Migrate Box to Microsoft Teams migration

Migrate from Box to SharePoint

  • SAAS application / Nothing to install
  • Maintain Permissions and sharing
  • No data loss
  • Reorganize / Split / Selectively select your content
  • Migrate you Box files to any supported target.
  • Migrate to SharePoint libraries, Teams, or OneDrives
  • Migrate to Google Drives or Google Shared Drives.

What’s migrated:

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Permissions
  • Metadata
Box Migration Solution

Box Migration Tool

  • Centrally migrate all the Box files and folders
  • Users not involved (Migration performed by your administrators)
  • Migrate everywhere you want:
    • To OneDrive
    • To SharePoint
    • To Google Drive
    • To Google Shared Drive
    • To Microsoft Teams
  • Reorganize , Split, Merge your content.
  • Automatically provision your destination
Box Migration Tool

Asked Questions

Box migration tool is a solution to move away from It migrates your files and folders stored on to the new platform of your choice.

  • Box to Google Drive Migration
  • Box to Google Shared Drive Migration
  • Box to OneDrive Migration
  • Box to SharePoint Migration
  • Box to Microsoft Teams Migration

Companies might want to migrate their data for a variety of reasons, such as cost savings, better integration with other tools they use, more suitable features in another service, or changes in company policy.

Challenges can include ensuring data integrity during transfer, maintaining the structure of files and folders, preserving sharing permissions, and minimizing downtime during the transfer. Another important challenge is the speed of migration, being able to migrate at high-speed without being throttled by the sources and the targets. Cloudiway’s migration platform enable high speed migration by allowing you to create multiple connectors in order to maximize migrations in parallal.

Steps usually involve discovery, audit, preprocessing and migration.

  • Discovery: this is is the first step of the migration process. It will connect to the source and automatically discover your list of users.
  • Audit: this second step connects to the sources and discovers the volumetry (number of files, size and number of folders).
  • Preprocessing: This tasks recreates the storage  object at the target (user Drive, Library, Site, Team, etc…)
  • The last step is the migration itself.

The duration of the migration depends on the amount of data to be moved, the number of files and depth of folder structure. The more there are folders and permissions, the more there are calls to migrate accurately the content. Furthermore, it’s more expensive to migrate 1000 files of 1kb rather than 1 file of 1mb.

Cloudiway platform is secure and meets security best practices. No data is stored in Cloudiway platform. Data transits through the platform through TLS 1.2 secured connexions.For more information on how Cloudiway handles security, you can refer to this article.

Yes, data is accessed in read-only and remains fully available during the migration.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page for more information.

Yes you can. If you need further assistance, you can purchase few hours of Cloudiway Consulting services to help you start.

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