Google Vault to Microosft Office 365 Migration

Google Vault
to Microsoft 365 Migration

Extract and Migrate your mails and files archived in Google Vault with ease.
Mail Vault contents can be migrated to an Microsoft 365 inbox or Microsoft 365 archive. File Vault contents can be migrated to Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Blob storage.

Google Vault Migration

Built on the secure and stable Azure framework, Cloudiway facilitates large-scale migrations of thousands of Google Vault mail archives, as well as smaller archive migrations.

Vault migrations require no additional software installation or overhead, and migrations can be performed securely and quickly.

Google to Microsoft 365 migration
Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration tool

Move GSuite Tenants

Don’t leave your data behind and migrate your Mails, Drives, Sites, Groups and Vaults from a single platform.

Google Vault
migration simplified

What is migrated

What’s migrated?

  • Emails
  • Files
  • Chats

With Cloudiway Platform, you can:

  • Migrate your Emails archived in vault
  • Migrate your files archived in vault
  • Migrate your Chats archived in vault
  • Filter what to migrate

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Want to migrate
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Office 365?

Would you like to grow your business and help your Google customers to migrate to Office 365? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

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Asked Questions

Google Vault is a solution provided by Google Workspace that allows businesses to archive, search, and export their emails and on-the-record chats. Migration may be necessary when transitioning to a new email or archival system.

Migration from Google Vault typically involves the transfer of all archived data including emails, chats, and Drive files, depending on what was archived. This process requires careful planning to maintain data integrity and security.

Cloudiway extracts data and upload it directly to Microsoft Datacenter and keeps no copy locally.
Data transits through TLS 1.2 sessions.

Emails, Drive, chat messages and Google Groups can be migrated.
No permissions or meta are stored in Vault.

Migration time can greatly vary depending on the volume of data, the performance of the servers, and the specifics of the migration process used.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page for more information.

Yes, the source is not modified and remains available.

Yes you can. If you need further assistance, you can purchase few hours of Cloudiway Consulting services to help you start.

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