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CMD – migration between office 365 tenants

Migration between office 365 tenants

Migration between office 365 tenants

Why did you contact Cloudiway to perform a migration between office 365 tenants?

“Our recent split from our parent company necessitated a significant overhaul of our digital tenant spaces. The intricacies of such a transition cannot be understated, with the migration and provisioning of rooms & equipment, shared mailboxes, and the pivotal requirement of maintaining permissions across the board. Moreover, the urgency to eliminate excessive processes like separate downloading and uploading to an on-premises exchange server called for a robust, all-in-one solution. In this context, the Cloudiway tool emerged as an indispensable asset.”

Challenge : A large migration between Office 365 tenants

Users : 729 users to migrate.
Shared Mailboxes:  A large collection of 1000+ shared mailboxes to migrate
Volume : A total volume of 1.5 Tb of data to migrate

Specific needs

  • Migration between office 365 tenants and provisioning of rooms & equipments.
  • Provisioning and Migration of Shared mailboxes
  • Keep permissions on rooms and Shared Mailboxes.
  • Use of a single solution that did not require separate downloading and uploading to an on-premises exchange server.


Construction Market Data Group is a provider of business information, data and marketing solutions in multiple formats.

They produce industry critical data services and marketing solutions, as well as online community and job sites.

The Benefits

  • The Cloudiway solution is all cloud based, which means it does not require any installation, configuration, or maintenance of any software or hardware on the premises. It also eliminates the need for separate downloading and uploading to an on-premises exchange server, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • The Cloudiway solution provides a seamless migration of all users, data, and permissions from one Office 365 tenant to another (migration between Office 365 tenants), with minimal disruption and impact on the end users and the business operations. Users can continue to access their email, calendar, contacts, and files during and after the migration, without any loss of data or functionality. The Cloudiway solution also preserves the permissions on rooms and shared mailboxes, ensuring that users can book and use them as before.
  • The Cloudiway solution is one single software that can handle the migration and provisioning of all types of mailboxes, including user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, rooms, and equipment. It also integrates with Microsoft’s Dirsync / ADFS, which synchronizes the user identities and attributes between the source and the target tenants. This simplifies the migration process and reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies.
  • The Cloudiway solution is easy to use and flexible. It has a user-friendly web interface that allows the administrator to monitor and control the migration process, and to perform actions such as scheduling, filtering, mapping, and reporting. It also supports delta migrations, which means it can migrate only the changes that occurred since the last migration, saving time and bandwidth. The Cloudiway solution can also be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of each project.

The Solution

Use of Cloudiway Migration platform for their migration between office 365 tenants and use Microsoft’s Dirsync / ADFS. 

“The Cloudiway platform provided all the solutions we needed for our migration between tenants. All the types of data we wanted to migrate as well as our specific needs were covered.”


“The Cloudiway tool was very valuable in assisting us during our transition from our parent company to our own totally new tenant. Most of our users thought we simply changed their email address in the background – I couldn’t have asked for a better solution.”    Philip Weeks, Senior Infrastructure Architect

Migration between office 365 tenants : The conclusion

The project was a real success, thanks to the Cloudiway solution and the collaboration between CMD team and Cloudiway. Data was entirely migrated and most of all, the permissions on mailboxes, rooms and equipments were entirely preserved. This was a key point for choosing Cloudiway.

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