Case Study:

IPSEN – migrate gsuite to office 365

Ipsen : Migrate Gsuite to Office 365

How they did Migrate Gsuite to Office 365 in 2013

The company:

Ipsen is a French pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France. With more than 1,2 billion in revenue, 4600 employees worldwide, and drugs marketed in 115 countries, Ipsen is among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world. Dedicated to improving lives through innovative medicines in Oncology, Neuroscience, and Rare Diseases, they also have a well-established and successful Consumer Healthcare business. Ipsen group is committed to discovering new solutions for targeting debilitating diseases and improving the quality of life for patients.

Ipsen’s commitment to R&D is our bold promise to launch at least one new drug or meaningful new indication every year. Our end goal is to ensure that we bring innovative medicines to market to address unmet patient needs as quickly as possible.

Today, Ipsen Group’s medicines are used in over 115 countries across the globe.

The Challenge: How to Migrate GSuite to Office 365

IPSEN case study : Migrate GSuite to Office 365

Ipsen wanted to migrate GSuite to Office 365. The first difficulty was moving 5800 users and 17 TB of data in a seamless way and with no impact on day to day business. The requirement for a tool able to synchronize data from the source and target tenant with no business downtime was essential. Some other features were also mandatory to ensure success:

  • Co-existence of shared rooms & Calendars
  • Keep permissions from Google Drive to OneDrive
  • Use of a single tool for all data


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Why Cloudiway was selected to migrate gsuite to office 365

Cloudiway was recognized for its expertise in development and knowledge of the cloud, of the Microsoft environment and messaging system. When IPSEN started to look at the market, there was no solution available able to migrate correctly mailboxes from gsuite to office 365. Also there was no solution at all for migrating Gdrives to OneDrive.

Cloudiway has been selected to work in project mode and developped on demand the solution. 

As a result, the solution entirely met the customer expectations and Cloudiway learned how to  migrate gsuite to office 365. At the end of this project, Cloudiway was the first ISV with a solution to migrate Google Drives to OneDrives. Since, dozen of new actors have emerged.

Customer Feedback

Migration has been a non-event for Ipsen employees, which was saluted by the governance. The GSuite to O365 transition was seamless and with complete availability of the messaging system and without any disruption for Ipsen users. The migration tools worked just as expected, and we are now enjoying our Office 365 environment…
Mickaël Corniaux, head of IT IPSEN


Pharmaceutical company

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