2. Google Vault Drive migration scope

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(to Sharepoint, OneDrive, Blob storage)


It has to be the primary SharePoint admin account with permissions to the SharePoint site collection. We recommend you create a migration account, especially for migration. After all migrations are complete, simply delete this account. We provide the steps below to help you set up an account if you don’t already have one.

4. Google Vault Drive Migration Procedure

Click on NEXT, in Configuration:

2. Click on Manage on the action bar and select Import

3. If required, click on Download sample CSV and add your users to the CSV file.

How To Fill The Users/Groups CSV File?

4. When you have a complete CSV file with the correct headers, click on the BROWSE button.

5. Locate your CSV file within your own file system, and select it.

6. Select the appropriate connectors in the Source and Target fields

7. Click on the UPLOAD button
If you see any error messages, check your CSV file, and try uploading again.

8. Once the CSV file format is correct, you will see a confirmation message.


Option 2: Get List

Cloudiway’s Get List tool helps you to retrieve users from your source tenant.

Go to Migration, select Get List.

The tool requires you to enter the Source and Target Pool.

Fill in all details for a new user, then click OK to add the new user to the Archive Migration / User List. Repeat the process for any more users you’d like to create.

5. File Preprocessing and Migration

5.1. Google Vault Drive migration : Preprocessing Task

Now that your Cloudiway connectors are set up, and the audit successful, you can run the preprocessing task. The task can be run more than once if required. When Google is used as the source, it verifies that the mapping list matches the accounts declared in Google.

1. From the User List area, select the users to preprocess (you can use the checkbox at the top of the list to select all)
2. From the action bar, click on MIGRATION, then PreProcessingthe status change to FilePreProcessing Scheduled
3. For updates, you can refresh the page, status should be updated to success

5.2. Google Vault Drive migration : Activate and monitor your migration

Now that you have performed all the pre-migration steps within your tenants and Cloudiway, you’re ready to migrate. We recommend you run a test migration on a single user first to check that your configuration produces the outcome you expect.

To start your migration, select the users or batch and click on MIGRATION, then Start button. Your batch will be scheduled and will begin as soon as resources are available.

Don’t forget that Cloudiway migration platform supports delta passes and that migrations are therefore incremental; every time you restart the migration, only items that haven’t already been copied to the target — or that have been changed since they were copied to the target — will be migrated.

You can monitor your migration from the dashboard. Detailed article, here.

If you require more information, you can click on any of the files in the User List. You can Edit, see the Logs, and Statistics.