One-One Chat Messages Migration and Slack Direct Messages migration

One-One Chat Messages & Slack Direct Messages Migration

New : Slack Direct Messages Migration and Teams One-one chat messages migration

Cloudiway now migrates One-One Teams private messages and Slack Direct Messages. These new features make it easier than ever to peform a Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration or a Microsoft Cross Tenant Teams Migration.

Direct messages (DMs) in Slack and one-on-one messages in Microsoft Teams play a critical role in modern workplace communication. These messaging platforms provide a secure space for individuals to communicate privately. Not every piece of information or conversation is appropriate for group channels or team channels, so having the ability to discuss privately is essential. The content created in these private  and personal channels is more valuable than ever. Messages often contain important discussions, files, and screenshot shares between individuals or small groups working together. 

Ensuring a seamless and secure migration is critical in a merger or acquisition context. Migrating chat data can be a complex task, and that’s where Cloudiway comes in. 

The process to migrate chat messages from Microsoft Teams and direct messages from Slack to Teams is simple. The user can extract the messages and inject them either in Teams chat, or into HTML files then uploaded to OneDrive.

The platform will automatically convert the data and migrate all the different items, such as emojisimagesGIFsreactions, etc. Whether you need to migrate a few Teams chat and Slack Direct Messages or thousands, Cloudiway can handle it easily.

Slack Direct Messages migration : How it works

After a discovery phase where the list of users is discovered at the source, the administrator of the migration is sending a self service email to every user. The users clicks on the link received by mail and grant consents to access his direct messages. The migration then start in the background.

Please continue reading the direct messages migration details for more information

Microsoft Teams One One chat messages migration

The process for migrating One One Chat messages is similar to the Slack Direct messages migration. An email is sent to every ource user asking for consent to access his private chat messages. Migration starts automatically for users who grant their consent. Messages are injected into private chats and to html files uploaded to their personal onedrives.

For further details, read the article about how One One Chat messages migration work.

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