Coming Soon! One-One Chat Teams & Slack Direct Messages Migration

03 | 30 | 2023
One-One Chat Teams & Slack Direct Messages Migration

Cloudiway will soon offer the migration of One-One chat teams and Slack direct messages to Teams. These new features will make it easier than ever for organizations to migrate their chat data, ensuring that no communication is lost during the transition.

The content created in Teams is more valuable than ever. Messages often contain important discussions, files, and screenshot shares between individuals or small groups working together. Ensuring a seamless and secure migration is critical in a merger or acquisition context. Migrating chat data can be a complex task, and that’s where Cloudiway comes in. 

The process to migrate chat messages from Microsoft Teams and direct messages from Slack to Teams is simple. The user can extract the messages into different HTML files uploaded to OneDrive, and monitor the migration process.

The platform will automatically convert the data and migrate all the different items, such as emojis, images, GIFs, reactions, etc. Whether you need to migrate a few Teams chat and Slack Direct Messages or thousands, Cloudiway can handle it easily.

From the platform, you can connect to Teams and audit, create, rename, and discover your teams, channels, and users to migrate. Cloudiway offers a range of features to ensure that your data are migrated quickly and efficiently. Find out the complete list of what is migrated here:

And if you are in the process of migrating your company’s data. You can follow our step-by-step instructions on migrating one-one chat messages to Teams with this link, or direct messages from Slack to Teams here.

Don’t let the migration process stress you out. In addition to the teams migration tool, Cloudiway offers various other solutions to help MSPs and IT Professionals.

Contact us today to learn more about our migration solution and how we can help you with your migration needs.

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