Migrate microsoft Teams between tenants

Migrate Microsoft Teams between tenants

Migrate hundreds of Teams  between tenants each day.
Migrate channels, Planner, conversations, files, and lot more.
A robust and structured approach for migrating data between Microsoft 365 tenants (formerly Office 365 tenants)

New: Our Solution now Migrates Microsoft Teams To Google Workspace.

Migrate Microsoft Teams between tenants

migrate microsoft teams from one tenant to another

Migrate your Microsoft Teams seamlessly

Benefits : Security, performance, nothing to install.

Migrate your One-One Chat Messages between tenants

Migrate and reinject your one-one and chat groups messages directly into chats in the new tenant

microsoft teams tenant to tenant migration

Audit, Reorganize, Provision,  Migrate

Discover your infrastructure and audit it Rename, merge, split, reorganize your channels and teams.

Want to merge or split your Microsoft 365 tenants?

Would you like to grow your business and help your  customers merge or split their Microsoft 365 tenants? Cloudiway helps you create new business opportunities with no effort.

migrate teams from one tenant to another

Asked Questions

This involves transferring data such as team memberships, channels, conversations, and files from the source Teams to the destination Teams.

During a tenant migration, all relevant data including Teams data needs to be transferred to the consolidated tenant to ensure continuity of operations and communication.

Challenges can include maintaining data and user permission integrity, preserving the structural hierarchy of Teams, ensuring no data loss, and most of all, migrating private messages (1-1 messages).

Most types of Teams data can be migrated, including teams, channels, conversations, 1-1 messages,and files. Main Settings are also migrated.

Run a Discovery to get the list of channels and users to migrate.
Run an audit to discover the content and volumetry.
Once done, run a preprocessing to recreate the channels and teams at the target, finally run the migration.

The duration can vary greatly based on the amount of data, complexity of Teams structures, and the specific migration method and tools used.

Yes, Cloudiway platform is secure and meets security best practices. No data is stored in Cloudiway platform. Data transits through the platform through TLS 1.2 secured connexions.

Yes, data is accessed in read-only and remains fully available during the migration.

Cloudiway proposes basic support (free and by mail) and premium support. Please read the Cloudiway support page (/support) for more information.

Yes you can. If you need further assistance, you can purchase few hours of Cloudiway Consulting services to help you start.

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